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Thursday, January 28, 2010

~~lovely moment to share _ Part 5

Here come to ONE of the lovely moment that I want to share with all my dearest friends outside there...=)

Yesterday, my boss give me this...


Nice right....

She told me that she bought it at Pasar Filipine, Sabah last weekend when she went there with our Director for a meeting..

Such a nice bracelet for me...

When I start love something, I can easily wear it with me everyday...=)

So, I keep wear it everyday, everytime and everywhere....

Thanks for my Boss....

"I promise I will work even harder and harder..(serah diri ni namanya...! )"


  1. oh.. sangat cantik oo.... :) jauh datang tu!

  2. salam kenal...selamat hari lahir....semoga sentiasa berbahagia sentiasa...TK singgah ke AGK

  3. pn siti: ahah..terkejut jugak bila dapat hadiah dari bos...tak sangka2...

    sonata: salam kenal jugak dari saya..thanks sudi ucap selamat hari lahir kat saya...=)


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