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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

~`Ketupat inti serunding, signature raya dish @ Kelantan...

Well, this year raya celebration gave me lots of sweet memories in my life....

Just imagine, from Kota Kinabalu as early as 6.30 am I'd already took a cab to Air Asia terminal Airport at Tanjung Aru to chase my flight bounced to Kuala Lumpur at 9.30am. Yeah, I know, too early ha?

Well, a coupled days before, I'd got an alert notification from Airasia asking all the passengers to make sure they reach at the airport 3 hours before flight time to avoid any congestion.

Back to the story, I'd decided not to ask my husband to pick me up at the LCCT airport because of some reasons:

1) He stays in Raub, Pahang

2) He needs to use the Lebuhraya Karak n Lebuhraya Gombak to reach Kuala Lumpur (imagine during festive season, it's going to be horrible traffic jam of course)

3) It’s the same road we will be use to go back to my husband hometown, why can’t I just take a bus from Kuala Lumpur to Raub without double the burden on his shoulder)

So, based on that, I make my own journey from Kuala Lumpur to Raub.

My friend, Hana already pot-pet pot-pet and asking me to think twice on my decision I’d made.. Hehehe… I know she worried of me. Carry too much luggage, including kuih raya and so many things.

But I’d said to hear, pray for me, and wish me all the best.

I know I need to be extra careful due to my pregnancy.

Thanks God for giving me such a caring friend like Hana. Even I’m quite stubborn to follow her advice.. =D

When I reached at the LCCT Airport, I took a chattered bus from LCCT-KL SENTRAL and reach there by 01.15 pm…

Now I need to walk even faster to take the LRT (train) from KL Sentral to Tititwangsa..

Fuh, it’s not an easy tasks..

I’d to change the train at MASJID INDIA, and walked to the SENTUL TIMUR and took a train from there to TITIWANGSA..

I think it’s really challenge my mental… Huhu

Finally, I’d made it. I’m at TITIWANGSA, now have to look for Pekeliling Bus Station..

Again, I’m in trouble to find a ticket to Raub. It’s already sold out..!!!

OMG, I keep running and searching from counter to counter and Alhamdulillah…

I got one ticket to Raub at 3.30 pm…

Time showed at 2.30 pm and I’m waiting for the bus with the others..
Alhamdulillah, I’d reached at Raub at 6.00pm.

Of course my husband picked me up at the Raub bas station and we brake fasting together.

At 2.00 am, in the morning, my husband started our journey back to Kelantan and we reached at Machang at 8.30 am…

During brake fasting, I’d eat this ketupat inti serunding which is quite sweet and rich in flavors.

My mother in law also made Ketupat biasa but she use to warp it using banana leaves.

It’s a new thing for me as I normally use daun palas to wrap the ketupat.
Anyway, it’s a new life for me and hope Allah will always bless my family insyaAllah…

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