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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

My Beloved Followers

Friday, February 5, 2010

~~I'm thinking of giving present for my followers....

Hi There...
Hope everyone in pink of health...

As I state at my post entry today...I'm planning to give presents for my fellow followers out there..

But since this is my first time doing this "good" thing, may I request some suggestion from all of you..

Maybe you got some ideas to share with me...

Maybe I should put some quizzes...

Or maybe make some competition (based on what ya?)

I am still searching for the ideas...

Hope everyone can help me...

Don't mind also if I have to post the present for someone who lives cross over the sea....hahaha..=D




  1. nak nak nak!!
    nak adiah... hihi=)

  2. well, biasanya orang tak suka yang susah-susah.. ahah..

    macam My-Alia.com Special Giveaway hari tu actually tak susah, tapi renyah.. macam-macam kena buat.. tapi senang, macam tepek banner dll...

    lagi satu yang senang ialah buat random winner. macam di suggest di sini

    anyway, good luck! :)

  3. ti: orait2..nnti jgn lupa bg alamat klu jdi winner..hehe

    pn siti: oh camtu...senang ke eh..takut tak de orang nak join jek..hehe


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